Chapter 2 Vocabulary

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Chapter 2

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Enlightenment Ideas of a cultural movement
Magna Carta Document protecting the nobles privileges and authority.
Glorious Revolution The peaceful transfer of power in england that resulted in the monarch having less power than the parliament.
English Bill of Rights Document restricted the monarch's power.
Mayflower contract Written plan for government sign in the Mayflower.
House of Burgesses Virginia created the first representative legislature in the New World in 1619.
Dicameral A two-part body consisting of the House of Representatives and the state.
John Locke English philosopher whose social contract theory influenced the declaration.
Natural rights Freedoms people possess relating to life, liberty, and property.
Social contract An agreement among people in a society with a government.
Baron de Montesquieu Philosopher who came up with "separation of powers"
Separation of power Each branch is given certain powers so as to check and balance other branches.
Fundamental orders of connecticut First written constitution in America.
Triangular trade A pattern of trade that developed between the americas, africa, and Europe.
Salutary neglect IT is the policy of loose control of the colonies by the british.
French Indian War English war that caused the debt which led to tax conflicts.
Mercantilism The theory that a country should sell more goods to other countries than it buys.
Stamp Act Resented British for high taxes on newspapers and legal documents.
Boycott The refusal to purchase certain goods.
Boston Massacre On March 5th, 1770, british fired into a crowd of protesters in boston.
Boston tea party Protesters threw crates of tea into Boston harbor to protest taxes on tea.
Intolerable Acts These acts punished the Boston colonists for the Boston Tea Party.
Proclamation of 1763 England said colonists could not settle new lands beyond the Appalachian Mountains.
First continental congress Meeting in Philadelphia, made a document sent to King George III demanding that the rights of the colonist be restored.
Olive branch Petition Letter written to King George III that appealed to the king to address colonial grievances to avoid war.
Declaration of Independence The document adopted by the SCC to separate from English.
Thomas Jefferson The author of the Declaration of Independence.
Articles of Confederation The first constitution of the united states.
Daniel Shays' Rebellion Daniel Shays led a Rebellion of Massachusetts farmers against the federal government under the AOC.
Philadelphia Convention Met may-sept. 1787 delegates suppose to fix the Articles of Confederation.
James madison Father of the Constitution.
Common Sense Explained why american colonist should declare independence.
Quartering Act Part of the Intolerable Act, act that required colonist to house and feed British soldiers.
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