Hitler's Germany Dates

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When was Bavaria announced a communist state? 1918
When did Munich experience a revolt? What happened because of this? 1920 Gustav von Kahr (leader of an extreme right wing party) took over the government.
When was the Nazi Party founded? By who and where? The original name? January 1919 Munich & Anton Drexler German Workers Party
When did Hitler join the Nazi Party? September 1919
When was the 25 point programme made? February 1920
When did Hitler take over the leadership of the Nazi Party? 1921
When was the SA created? Function of the SA? 1921 To break up meetings for other parties and to cause chaos
When was the Munich Putsch? 8th November 1923
Hitler's main aims? Social Darwinism/ National Socialism. Race, Sturggle & Conquest. Anti-Semitism
When was Hitler released? December 1924
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