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Server Management

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What is the purpose of Network/Server management? i) A single point of Control to monitor and manage a networked system ii) Ability to control and monitor a computer from a central location
What is ROI? Return On Investment -amount of money received relative to the amount of money invested. ROI = avg benefit over 3 yrs / Initial Cost
What is MTBF? Mean Time Between Failure expected future performance based on past performance
What is AFR? Annualized Failure Rate
Describe High Availablity -Resiliency from errors -Single points of failure A highly available site provides resiliency from errors of the underlying platform and single points of failure.
What are 3 types of UTILIZATION you should monitor on a device/network? -Peak -Average -Current Utilization
What are 3 areas a network can be divided into for MONITORING purposes? -Network Architecture -Traffic and Protocols -Hardware and Operating Systems
What is Workload Characterization? -What is being requested of the system? -Number of User's a system can support -Expected response time for a specific task
What are the 5 areas of a server that must be monitored? -Disk SubSystem -Memory -CPU -Network -Power
Name an important processor measurement, memory measurement, network measurement and storage measurement. -Processor Time -Available Bytes -Server Sessions -Avg. Disk Sec/Transfer
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