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fc4df03b-918f-4ae0-b974-aee812870264.jpg (image/jpg) 1751 Denis Diderot & Jean d'Alembert-Encyclopedie(title page) Types purchased from Fournier. Engraved plates reveal info about many industries. Printing, binding & quality aimed at wealthy clientele. It was created to change the way people think.
83b5af8f-3ab9-42b9-877a-4e9683698706.jpg (image/jpg) 1790 Josiah Wedgwood- The Portland Vase This classically inspired vase was created out of jasperware using innovative processes. It was part of Wedgewood's marketing to the middle class.
439bb013-8341-4f7a-94d2-95bf969babfb.jpg (image/jpg) 1790-1800 Eli Whitney-cotton gin Made harvesting cotton easier and more profitable. Led to much growth in the textile industry (cotton from India no more)
ff4f60e4-bd6e-4022-b8c3-0b56b4004ee3.jpg (image/jpg) 1859 Michael Thonet-No. 14 Chair Most famous chair by the Thonet chair company. Made by steam bending. Could fit 36 chairs in a box.
7ef09076-3875-46a5-bef0-ea9be83a9317.jpg (image/jpg) 1851 Joseph Paxton-Crystal Palace Did not feature contemporary building materials: made from pre-fab glass and cast/wrought iron in 8 months for Great Exhibition
0c16f53a-be68-47af-acd4-d591c79da4d2.jpg (image/jpg) 1862 William Morris-Trellis Wallpaper First wallpaper of Morris . Not machine-printed.
61d57db1-c309-4c2c-8241-08e3021638e0.jpg (image/jpg) 1897 Hector Guimard-Smoking bench Art Nouveau style: resembles vines and the trunk of a tree. Guimard believed strongly in the unity of architecture, furniture and decorations
8c1ec9bc-b6fc-48da-b439-36fad47aae26.jpg (image/jpg) 1900 Gustav Stickley-Adjustable-Back Chair No. 2342 American arts and crafts movement. Chair designed from a craftsman's perspective.
f939d679-0943-40ca-8db0-32efacc5a59a.jpg (image/jpg) 1899 Henry van de Velde- Poster for Tropon food concentrate Leader in the Art Nouveau movement. Original lettering and abstract and simplified forms.
79a1645b-47f7-40b1-9211-4b678be83cb4.jpg (image/jpg) 1928 Josef Albers-Kombinationsschrift Typeface This typeface is composed entirely of 10 basic elements or shapes. It's a Bauhaus font created for outdoor use because round shape doesn't collect dirt or snow.
d292d038-c2f8-4aeb-8b54-1d29fa9722f2.jpg (image/jpg) late 1930s Lester Beall-Rural Electrification Administration Lighting Poster Designed in the New Typography Style. Features high contrast and strong imagery. Famous for his lines and arrows.
884d6c5f-84d4-44d8-b2ee-79e461c0a983.jpg (image/jpg) 1937 Henry Dreyfuss-Type 300 Phone Fully integrated phone with no sperate speaker and microphone. Made repeated small improvements to complete the design.
c5d4e50f-09cc-4d2d-9d68-248b687b7d42.jpg (image/jpg) 1921 Piet Mondrian & Theo Van Doesburg- Cover for De Stijl Emphasis on geometric forms and primary colors. Hierarchy/sans serif typeface. Journal.
9d5c2e58-ac8a-4aca-b8ce-11a1a62dbc84.jpg (image/jpg) 1934 Raymond Loewy-Coldspot for Sears Fully integrated and enclosed design. Example of streamlined design.
33d45381-aac8-4ce4-a30b-3dab1d68f7a8.jpg (image/jpg) 1920s Joseph Leyendecker- Arrow Collars and Shirts Advertisment. Appeared in multiple print ads. Famous for including much less text than was normal during that period.
b89358b7-3df9-428b-9dc8-03eeab7e1147.jpg (image/jpg) 1902 Alfons Mucha-Cycles Perfecta Art Nouveau; very decorative with many curved lines and natural forms
cc72f819-7fcc-45e0-8ce0-5d5843353cf7.jpg (image/jpg) 1901 Peter Behrens-Poster for AEG Lightbulbs Part of the corporate identity/branding Behrens created for AEG. Used consistent fonts and design elements to give a personality to a company
92f4083e-739c-4b0b-9167-6f0a5e0cf91b.jpg (image/jpg) 1909 Peter Behrens-Electric Kettle Used interchangeable parts to allow consumers a greater choice of styles. Finish molded to resemble a hand hammered surface.
5d1a9173-52a0-4d2e-8e74-f58a0589de59.jpg (image/jpg) 1923-31 Le Corbusier-Villa Savoye Example of Modernist architecture that used LC's 5 points. pilotis on ground floor, open inside.
aac300e9-db50-4b6b-b7a2-2cef8edf57e0.JPG (image/JPG) 1928 Jean Coulden-Clock Example of cubism in 3D forms. Simple geometric shapes made from silvered bronze and enamel
2a85d5c0-badf-4c1c-9860-64243020e221.jpg (image/jpg) 1924 A.M. Cassandre-Pivolo Aperitif Simplified shapes, precision and geometric purity. changed the old narrative ways of advertising. Repeating sympols (p, o, dot above i)
8d931f97-0785-4133-9858-3244cf85443b.jpg (image/jpg) 1924 Wilhelm Wagenfeld-Model ME1 Table Lamp Bauhaus style. Geometric and mathematical forms. Simplicity and smooth surfaces.
20f6ea36-9651-4d64-9cbf-7f189fb147d8.jpg (image/jpg) 1918 Gerrit Rietveld-Red-Blue Chair One of the first attempts at a 3D object in De Stijl. Assembled from milled stock that extended past the vertices and emphasized negative space. Primary colors.
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