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Weimar Germany 1919: The Spartacists and the constitution
Chris Clayton
Suffragettes and Suffragists
Cold War Causes Revision
Tom Mitchell
White Devil Critics
Geography - Population
Grace Evans
Weimar Revision
Tom Mitchell
Hitler and the Nazi Party (1919-23)
Adam Collinge
The Weimar Republic, 1919-1929
History - Treaty of Versailles
The Rise of the Nazis
Question Answer
Unionism= Conservatives
Conservatism Little state intervention. Social Reform only if necessary.
Home Rule Independent rule for Ireland. (republicans)
Poverty Line. People in the late 1800 measured in terms of poverty.
How many below the poverty line in late 1800s? One third
Trade gap. More imports into a country than what is being exported.
Imperialist taking over territory in order to expand and strengthen a country's position.
Non-conformists People who don't go with the church. Chamberlain was one. They were out raged by the 1902 Education Act.
Anglican schools. Schools run by the church.
What were the school boards doing that sparked the 1902 Education Act? They were letting poorer children in to secondary education (with gov money) even though it was illegal.
Free Trade No barriers or taxes on imports/exports meaning lower prices for food.
Tariff Reform Taxes on imports and exports to places not in the empire in hope of making more money to fund reforms. Chamberlain pushed it but Balfour on the fence. Increased the price of food 'the big loaf'
Boer war. British attempt to gain control in Africa. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boer_Wars
Jameson Raid Attempted coup in Transvaal to make it look as if the Boers needed the British to step in and take control of the situation. It failed and was scandal of Britain.
Chinese Slavery big scandal for the British Gov as not only were they using slaves in very bad conditions but also workers in Britain feared that they would be replaced and have no work.
Taff Vale A case that lost the government and Balfour support as they sided with employers over a strike about working conditions.
Coalition Two parties in government working together to run the country. E.g. in WW1
Juvenile courts and remand homes. form of judging and punishment for children, part of the 1908 childrens act
Corn Laws protection of domestic farmers from foreign competition by taxing imported corn.