Audience theory

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Hypodermic Needle theory Implies mass media had a direct, immediate and powerful effect on its audiences. Suggests that the audience is passive.
Two-Step flow 1. Opinion leaders get their information from media source 2. Opinion leaders then pass on that information along. Mass Media -> Opinion Leader -> Rest of Audience Suggests that the audience is semi- passive.
Uses and Gratification Watch the media for five different reasons - Inform & Educate - Entertained - Identity - Integration & Social interactions. - Escapism - Surveillance
Reception Theory Audience decode media in 3 different ways; Dominant Negotiated Oppositional Cultural Background is important in this theory, because there are responses in each cultural background
Reception Theory || Dominant Reading Intended Reading by Media Creators - Accept ideas that the media text gives out.
Reception Theory || Negotiated Reading Accepting New Ideas
Reception Theory || Oppositional Reading Against the idea of the media text
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