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Social Policy - starting points Erskine in Alcock et al 1998 Social issues, services, groups, problems, policies
Social Policy Actions to promote well-being. Academic study of actions.
Blakemore and Griggs 2007 on social policy to improve human welfare, meet human needs for education, health, housing and social security.
2) Blakemore and Griggs (2007) - what social policies are How they-re developed, administered and implemented - why policies exist (or not)
Subject and Story Blakemore and Griggs (2007) Ongoing tensions between commitment to scientific evidence and objectivity/ personal and political values.
Subject and Story Cont. Blakemore and Griggs (2007) They provide a brief outline of early social policy from early 19th century in social work, sociology and social administration. Provide an insight into the development of the subject to the present day.
Baldock et al (2007) on Social Policy argue that attempts to identify the best definition of Social Policy are futile - but the go on to give a clear summary of the subject and scope
Baldock et al (2007) clear summary of subject - Highlights sets of policy areas from Beveridge's "five giants" to the present academic Social Policy Benchmarking Document. - Analysing Social Policy in terms of intensions and objectives; administrative and financial arrangements; and outcomes. - Discussing Social Policy, social administration, Social Welfare and the welfare state.
Social Wellbeing, Corey Lee M. Keyes "social well-being is an achievement, facilitated by educational attainment and age."
Social Well-being eg. Health care, government, personal relationships, mental health, stress generated by domestic or employment factors, personal satisfaction.
Alcock (2012) Students Companion (4th edn) "well-being is a contested concept, open to subjective, objective, political and comparative definitions, and subject to the pressures of both professional and mass media fashions."
Social Policy Blakemore, k. and Griggs, E. (2007) Social Policy: An introduction (3rd edn.) "Social Policies aim to improve human welfare (through they often fail to do so) and to meet human needs for education, health, housing and Social Security."
Social Policy Alcock, P, et al (2012) "Social Policy in modern times implies that Social Welfare means government welfare... In addition to the state there are three other types: family and friends, the market, and non-governmental organizations (VCO's) and mutual associations."
Social Welfare definition seen as part of the product of social welfare. might refer to material aspects of Well-being or more subjective measures of quality of life. might entail individual welfare or more collective forms of well-being on the part of a community/nation.
Main places people obtain welfare/well-being the state, market & families and communities. Social policies determined in regard to these sources.
Baldock et al (2007) p21 on welfare "welfare is generally a product of all three sources, or what is called the mixed economy of welfare."
Social Policy and the welfare state Societies that have substantially promoted and provided welfare to meet social needs known as "welfare states"/ "welfare systems."
Social policy and the welfare state history development of welfare state in Britain always been contested. Post second World War "welfare consensus" began to crumble in the 1970's.
Welfare state critiques subject to critiques from all sides of the political spectrum. Today - rise of global economy, pressures on public expenditure and demographic change challenge continuation of welfare state as we have known it.
Social Policy Alcock, P, et al (2012) The students companion to Social Policy (4th edn) "Social Policy is an academic subject which both overlaps with cognate subjects and has a discrete disciplinary base."
Dean, H. (2012) Social Policy (2nd edn) "Social Policy is the study of human wellbeing, to which there can be two kinds of response:...doing good for people... pretty much everything." "the study of the Social relations necessary for human well-being and the systems by which well-being may be promoted or, for that matter, impaired."
Beveridge and Beyond (Beveridge 1942 p170) "The plan for Social Secutiy is put forward as part of a general, programme of SOCIAL POLICY. It is one part only of an attack upon FIVE GIANT EVILS: upon the pysical WANT with which it is directly concerned, upon DISEASE which often causes that want and brings many other troubles it ints train, upon IGNORANCE which no democracy can afford among its citizens, upon the SQUALOR which arises mainly through haphazard distribution of industry and population, and upon the idleness which destroys wealth and corrupts men, whether they are well fed or not, when they are idle."
Social policy before Beveridge Poor Laws mid 16th century (parishes obliged to provide relief to the "deserving" poor") - further developed 19th century with advent of Industrialisation and reform.
Social Policies and provisions - social protection/security - health service - education services - housing provision and subsides - personal social services
Social Policy Today Recently become much broadly defined to include areas such as criminal Justice System and environmental policy. Greater emphasis in relation to diversity, divisions and difference eg. gender, disability, race and ethnicity.
Social Welfare Social arrangements to meet the needs of those in society.
Social well-being an acheivement facilitated by educational attainment and age.
Welfare state provides education, health service and social security
social policy human well-being and promotion
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