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People who study history a called what? People who study history are called historians.
How do historians work ? Historians work from evidence that tells us about the past.
What was Herodotus refereed as ? Herodotus was referred as the 'Father of history'
Who is Herodotus ? Herodotus is a man mostly famous for writing the history.
when was Cornelius Tacitus born and when did die ? Cornelius was born in 56 AD and died in 120 AD.
Which countries both Fought between each other ? Greek city-sates and Persia
When was Herodotus born and when did he die ? He was born in 425 BC and he died in 484 BC.
What was Herodotus's nationality Herodotus's nationality was greece
What did they call this war between Greece and Persia ? They called this the greco-Persian war.
Who won the greco-Persian war the Greece people won the war
Who was Publius Cornelius Tacitus ? He was probably Romes greatest historian and studied the art of influencing people through public speaking.
Who is Aeschylus ? He is the finder of Greek tragedy and the earliest of the city's great tragic points.
What are Anthropologists expert at ? They are experts in humans-Their institutions,religious beliefs,social relationships and culture?
What are Etymologists expert at ? They are experts in the origins and development of words.They can help historians interpret the meanings of words in written sources.
What are Linguists expert at ? They are experts in the feature and structures of languages.
Who did Cornelius Tacitus marry ? He married Julia the daughter of the famous roman general Agricola
Can historians work alone ? NO
Why can't historians work alone ? They need the help of archaeologists,anthropologists,etymologists,linguists and conservators to help them construct accounts of the past.
Did anyone know who was Cornelius's mum and dad? No one knew his mum or his dad.
When was Cornelius born ? No one knew when he was born.
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