Henry Viii key people

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fact file of 10 of the most important people during Henry's reign

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henry viii 6 wives broke with rome in 1530's wanted to be king of france spent all of the money his dad saved on wars with france
thomas wolsey archbishop of york cardinal lord chancellor born in low birth 'everyone needs a wolsey' henrys main advisor
catherine of aragon Henrys first wife Charles I's auntie one daughter mary and a son that died young wouldn't agree to a divorce or annulment with Henry
Charles I king of Spain king of the holy roman empire Catherine of aragons nephew held the pope prisoner prevented pope agreeing to annulment let henry down as an allie with an attack on france defeated the french in the battle of pavia most powerful man in Europe
Francis I King of france Henrys main enemy lost tharounne and tournai to england took part in the field of the cloth of gold beat Henry in a wrestle at FOTCOG lost battle of pavia against spain allied with england after
Anne Boleyn Henry fell in love with her whilst still with Catherine of aragon Henrys second wife key to the break with rome. had her own faction which consisted of some key nobles key in getting rid of wolsey
Henry VII Father of Henry vii king of England before Henry vii misely king
Thomas Cromwell Henry's key advisor after wolsey fell from power key in henry's break with rome allie with Anne Boleyn in getting the divorce between henry and catherine
Thomas More Chancellor for Henry after wolsey disagreed with henrys break with rome arrested after refusing to take oath of succession executed for treson in 1535
emperor Maximilian Emperor of Holy Roman Empire established the Hasburg dynasty in spain he was Charles' grandfather when he died in 1506 Charles became the holy roman emperor as well as already being the king of Spain
Thomas Cranmer Leader of English reformation archbishop of Canterbury 1532-1534 protestant
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