Cuban Missile Crisis

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You will be given an event, and when you remember which date it happened on flip over the card to check if you are right.

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Khrushchev dismantles missiles. PHEW. 28th October 1962
Fidel Castro overthrows Batista who trades with Soviets 1959
USA tries to starve Cuba out by stopping trade with them 1960
America breaks off relations with Cuba... ...who are pushed closer to the Soviets January 1961
BAY OF PIGS (JFK supports 1400 anti-Castros to overthrow him and supplies weapons from the CIA. Massacred by 20,000 pro-Castros. Oops) April 1961
Khrushchev announces plans to provide Cuba with arms September 1961
~ Khrushchev decides to put nuclear weapons into Cuba without detection... ~ ...JFK publicly warns him not to ~ May 1962 ~ September 1962
A USA U2 plane flies over Cuba and takes photos of missiles. Russian ships head to Cuba. (JFK can't let this happen... but destroying would start a war) 14th October 1962
JFK announces his blockade of Cuba... ... but Khrushchev denies missiles... ..."Other guy just blinked," 22nd October 1962 23rd October 1962 24th October 1962
Khrushchev sends JFK a letter: I will remove missiles if you leave Cuba. Khrushchev sends another one: I will remove missiles if you remove ones in Turkey 26th October 1962 27th October 1962
U2 spy plane shot down... JFK ignores 2nd letter but accepts 1st letter. His brother visits the Soviet Ambassador offering to remove Turkey missiles 'later'. 27th October 1962
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