February Revolution 1917

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Why did the February Revolution happen? Simply because people were no longer happy with the way the society is run by the Tsar, Nicholas II
Why was the February Revolution different to other revolutions? - Amount and range of opposition to the government - Protests turned into a revolution in a fast amount of time
What happened during the revolution? - Rodzianko warned the Tsar that 'very serious outbreaks of unrest' were about to happen - Strike was started by the employees at the Putilov steel works - Women also protested - Nicholas II abdicated
When did the women strike take place? 23rd February 1917 International Women's Day
Who was Rodzianko? The duma president
How long did the revolution last? 18th February to 4th March 1917 According to the system of dating
What was the system of dating? Julian calendar used by Russia before February 1918 It was 13 days before the Georgian calendar (used by western countries)
When did the strike at Putilov steel works occur? 18th February 1917
What were the Putilov steel works? Largest + most politically active factory in Petrograd
The tsar during the revolution - Stayed at Molgiev in his headquarters - Relied on news that was sent by the Empress Alexandra using letters - Ordered General Khabalov to restore order - Ordered Duma to dissolve - Decided to abdicate
The tsar's abdication - Didn't want his son, Alexei, to take over his throne -Signed the decree of abdication and nominated his brother, Grand Duke Michael, as the new tsar - His brother didn't want to take over - Provisional Government took over
When did the Tsar sign the decree of abdication? 2nd March 1917 Announced the next day (3rd March 1917)
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