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Paul's Missionary Journeys, travel to Jerusalem, and letters

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Date of Christ's Death April 7, 30 AD
Date of Stephen's Death 32-33 AD
Date of Paul's Conversion 32-33 AD
Paul's first trip to Jerusalem 36 AD
Date of the death of Herod Agrippa 44 AD
Date of Paul's First Missionary Journey 47-49 AD
Year & place Paul wrote Galations letter 49 AD from Syrian Antioch
Date of Paul's third trip to Jerusalem 49 AD
Date of Apostolic Council 49 AD
Date of Paul's Second Missionary Journey 50-53 AD
Year & place Paul wrote 1 Thessalonians 51 AD from Corinth
Year & place Paul wrote Romans 57 AD from Corinth
Date of Paul's voyage to Rome 60-61 AD
Date of Paul's first imprisonment in Rome 61-63 AD
Year & place Paul wrote Colossians letter 62 AD from Rome a prison letter
Year & place Paul wrote Ephesians letter 62 AD from Rome a prison letter
Date of Paul's martyrdom June 29, 67 AD
Which is NOT one of the assumptions used as an approach for this course? a. Biblical Inerrantism b. Canonical Conservatism c. Chronological Minimalism d. Historical Traditionalism Historical Traditionalism
Which assumptions are made as an approach to the theology and life of Paul? Biblical Inerrantism Canonical Conservatism Chronological Minimalism
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