Weimar Republic

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Weimar Republic
1 A Year of Crisis 1923
1.1 Hyper Inflation and Unrest
1.1.1 Created by the occupation of the Ruhr
1.1.2 Germany are not making any money but continue to print Deutch mark becomes worthless Prices rose


  • 9 million for bread Economy collapses Worst for middle class
1.2 French Occupation of the Ruhr
1.2.1 Germany couldn't pay French and Belgium take Ruhr and their goods
1.2.2 Passive Resistance 100 people die France gets nothing Nor does Germany Germany is crippled
1.3 'Beer Hall' Putch
2 Golden years
2.1 Political status
2.2 Culure
2.3 Foreign affairs
2.4 Economy
3 A difficult start 1918-23
3.1 End of the war
3.1.1 1918 Losing the war Ports where blocked Home front Starving Resentment Westen front desperate Last chance projects Failed
3.1.2 October Kaiser Abdicates Social Democratic Party takes over
3.1.3 Armistice signed 11am on the 11/11/1918
3.2 TofV
3.2.1 Stab in the back myth
3.2.2 Germany think it is a Truce
3.2.3 Allies think it is a surrender
3.2.4 Made Germany more Democratic A democracy born in Defeat Proportional Representation made it slow and hard to make desisions Very Fair everyone over 20 had a vote
3.3 Threats
3.3.1 Left Wing Spartacist 1919 Karl Liebknecht Rosa Luxembourg Communist Revolution Take over Berlin Ebert does a deal to help them fight the Communists Weeks of fighting Freikorps win Karl and Rosa murderd (ex soiders that took the law into their own hands)
3.3.2 Right wing Dr Wolfgang Kapp Rich industrialist March on Berlin with 5000 Freikorps Workers go on strike City comes to a halt Kapp runs, is arrested then dies
3.4 Unrest and Violence
4 Great Depression
4.1 Wall Street Crash

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