Nazi Control

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Created by pc-11 over 6 years ago
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Nazi Control
1 Propaganda
1.1 Olympics
1.1.1 1936
1.1.2 Germany came top
1.1.3 Big stadium
1.1.4 However Jesse Owen- Black Americain came top singly
1.2 Technology
1.2.1 Hitler would arrive by plane
1.2.2 Radios Sold cheap Only listen to close stations ie Nazis
1.2.3 Film Increased Had NAZI messages 2 films one short one with clear NAZI message
1.3 Book Burning Ceremony any anti-NAZI books
1.4 Speeches
1.4.1 More speeches
1.4.2 Public Loud Speakers
1.4.3 Radios
2 Church
2.1 Protestants were united under one Reich Church
2.1.1 Under Nazi Control
2.2 Catholic Church signed Concordat 1933
3 Economy/Work
3.1 Had to be a loyal Nazi
3.2 Did create jobs
3.3 People wouldn't speak out as they needed their jobs
3.4 Party Members gained
3.5 Strength through joy
3.6 Beauty Labour
4 Terror
4.1 SS
4.1.1 Lead by Heinrich Himbler
4.1.2 Eliminated Opposition
4.1.3 Carry out racial policies
4.1.4 Controlled
4.2 Gestapo
4.2.1 Secret Police
4.2.2 No one knew how many
4.2.3 Informed on Enemies of the state and sent them to CC
4.3 Police+Courts
4.3.1 Nazi Controlled
4.3.2 Made oath to Hitler
4.3.3 Arrested political prisioners
4.4 Concentration Camps
4.4.1 First set up quickley
4.4.2 Then moved to countryside Larger More systematic Fit for purpose

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