Consolidation of Power

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Consolidation of Power
1 Jan 1933- Chancellor August 1994- Fuher
2 27th February 1933
2.1 Reichstag Fire
2.1.1 Communist Caught
3 Emergency Decree 28th Feb 1993
3.1 Arrested 100's of Communists without a trial
4 5th March 1933
4.1 March Election
4.1.1 Communists arrested and people scarred of them Improved Popularity for Nazis
4.1.2 288 Seats
5 24th March 1933
5.1 Enabling act
5.1.1 Law that Chancellor could rule without Reichstag Passed by Reichstag as he done deal with Chatolic's and conservatives
6 June 1933
6.1 Concordat Signed
6.1.1 Nazis would not interfere Church
6.1.2 Church would not interfere with politics
7 Night of the Long Knives 30th June 1933
7.1 Hitler uses SS to murder leaders of the SA
7.2 Army was alienated by SA
7.2.1 Shows Hitler is in control
7.3 SA was out of control and to loyal to Ernest Rohn
7.3.1 Removed Ernest Rohn and
8 President Hindenburg Dies and Hitler becomes Fuher
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