James I and foreign policy

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1604 Treaty of London This ended the war between England and Spain. (Cost a lot of money = £200,000/year)
1605, 1607 & 1611 Attempt to marry Prince Henry to eldest daughter of Phillip III of Spain - Infanta Anne. Negotiations prevented war and made somewhat of an alliance.
1609 Twelve years truce Treaty of Antwerp between Spain and Netherlands. War with Spain due to the Netherlands. -1621...Truce ended? -James wanted to be seen as a 'Peacemaker'.
1610 Cleves-Julich dispute -Dutch kingdoms on edge of Roman Empire. -Becomes vacant = Catholic vs. Protestant James becomes involved. Settles one kingdom each for Catholics and Protestants. Shows James as a 'Peacemaker'. Angered Protestants because he was meant to be on their side entirely.
1612 Prince Charles becomes heir when Prince Henry dies. Charles wanted a Spanish marriage more than Henry did. True Protestant?
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