Types of conformity and explanations for conformity

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Types of Conformity: Compliance Occurs when an individual accepts influence because they hope to achieve a favourable reaction from those around them. An attitude or behaviour is adopted not because of its content, but because of the rewards or approval associated with its adoption. (Conforming to gain approval)
Types of Conformity: Internalisation Occurs when an individual accepts influence because the content of the attitude or behaviour proposed is consistent with their own value system. (Conforming because of an acceptance of their views)
Types of Conformity: Identification A form of influence where an individual adopts an attitude or behaviour because they want to be associated with a particular group. (Accepting influence because of a desire to be associated with a certain group)
Explanations for Conformity: Normative social influence Conformity based on the desire for approval More likely to occur when an individual believes they are under surveillance from the group
Explanations for Conformity: Informational social influence Based on an acceptance of information from others as evidence of reality More likely if the situation is ambiguous or where others are experts
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