Henry VII Consolidation of Power

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How did Henry VII become king? By defeating Richard III in the Battle of Bosworth.
When did the Battle of Bosworth happen? 22nd August 1485
Who proclaimed Henry as King? Lord Stanley (stepfather)
How did Henry consolidate his power? ~ dated his reign from 21st August 1485 (day before the Battle of Bosworth) Eliminated threat from the Yorkist side ~ detained legitimate throne claimers ~ Coronation dated for 30th October before he meeting with parliament
More examples of Henry's consolidation of power ~ Acts of Attainder against the Yorkists Received tonnage and poundage from the parliament ~ marriage to Elizabeth of York ~ Birth of Prince Arthur
What was the date of the first meeting with the parliament? 7th November 1485
Who were the legitimate throne claimers? Elizabeth of York (not his wife) and the Earl of Warwick
What were the acts of attainder? When a noble is declared a traitor his title was taken away, lost land or beheaded. Their heirs were disinherited.
What was the tonnage and poundage? Right to raise revenue from imports and exports.
When did Henry marry Elizabeth of York? January 1486
When was Prince Arthur born? September 1489
Perkin Warbeck rebellion ~ Warbeck impersonated one of the princes in the tower (Richard, Duke of York) ~ He was trained by Margaret of Burgundy ~ 1st try 1495 ~ Had support from Scotland-later gave in to Henry due to a marriage
Who was Margaret of Burgundy? The sister of Edward IV and Richard III (killed by Henry VII in the Battle of Bosworth)
Viscount Lovell and the Stafford's (The Lovell rebellion) ~ Rebellion that occurred in 1486 ~ Led by Francis, Viscount Lovell (Richard III supporter) and Humphrey Stafford ~ Attempted a rebellion which failed ~ Stafford tried to raise forces against Henry
The Simnel rebellion ~ Lambert Simnel pretended to be the Earl of Warwick with help from the priest Richard Symonds ~ He was crowned as king Edward in Ireland (May 1487) ~ John de la Pole (Earl of Lincoln) helped to put everything together (potential claimant of the throne)
The Simnel rebellion after the failure ~ After this plan failed, Simnel joined Lovell in Netherland and tried to persuade Margaret of Burgundy to help them, finance them, to be able to pay for a force of mercenaries
The Battle of Stoke Field 1487 ~ Army made from mercenaries led by Earl of Lincoln ~ Henry had Yorkist advisors, he was not confident ~ Henrys army killed the Earl of Lincoln
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