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What is a spreadsheet? A spreadsheet is a piece of software which is used to work out calculations.Spreadsheets can handle all of the financial calculations for a large business, they can be used to work with statistics and to calculate probability or other statistical information, they can do complex trigonometry. Not only that, they can also make pretty snazzy graphs and charts that you can use to impress people.
What is Goal Seek? This looks at the end point and works backwards. For example, "I want to make £10,000 profit this month. How many items do I need to sell?". The Goal Seek tool will give you that answer.
What are Formulas? If a value on a spreadsheet is changed, formulas make sure that the change is updated throughout the rest of the spreadsheet.
Graphs and Charts Graphs and charts let you present the data in a visual or pictoral form. Humans find it easier to spot trends and analyse data in a graph rather than in a table of numbers.
Functions A function does a very specific job within a spreadsheet. For example, SUM will add up a set of numbers for you. AVERAGE is another common one which will give you the average of a set of numbers. There are hundreds of functions available for you to make use of within a spreadsheet package. Some are going to be useful to you now, some you will probably never use.
Parts Of A Spreadsheet Row: Which goes across the spreadsheet. Tool-bar: Where all your editing tools are. Column: Which goes down the spreadsheet. They have values and the label of what the value links to. Also they have cells, which are where you place all your different data you need and are numbered to make it easier for you to find the data you are looking for. The most important is the formulae which will add all your data up altogether instead of having to do it every single one.
Entering Data into a cell The three types of data you can enter into a cell are data, labels and formulas. Data which are values, usually numbers but can be letters or a combination of both. Labels which are headings and descriptions to make the spreadsheet easier to understand. Formulas are calculations that update automatically if referenced data changes
Merging Cells It is possible to join two or more cells together to make one single cell.
More Functions SUM: Adds values in selected cells MIN: Finds smallest value MAX: Finds largest value AVERAGE: Finds the average value COUNT: Counts how many of the selected cells have numbers in them
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