section 12, the usa 1929-1941

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the usa 1929-1941

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how many Americans were unemployed in 1933 .
Why did some farmers not bother to harvest their produce in the early 1930s .
What were hoovervilles .
explain why the hoover lost the 1932 election .
why might Hoovers protectionist policies have damage the recovery .
which party did Hoover belong to .
what were roosevelts 3 main aims after winning the 1932 election .
name 3 steps that were taken to try and increase confidence in the banking system .
what were the 100 days .
name three alphabet agencies and explain how the helped america through the depression .
what was the name given to area of land which lost their topsoil due to drought and over farming .
what does TVA stand for .
write a short summary of the work of the TVA .
name 2 acts passed in 1935 as psrt of the second new deal .
why did huey long oppose the deal .
write a short outline of Dr francis townsends plan to combat the depression .
explain why some businessmen and members of the republican party opposed the new deal .
why did the political balance of the supreme court hamper the new deal .
to what figure had unemployment fallen in 1940 .
how successful was the new deal in achieving its 3 main aims .
what finally solved americas's unemployment problem .
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