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Homeostasis The bodies Feedback system for balance
Haematocrit % Percentage of Red blood cells (Erythrocytes) in complete volume of blood (blood contains RBC/45%, WBC, platelets & Plasma/55%)
Haemostasis Series of responses to stop bleeding from a damaged blood vessel (loss of blood from vessel known as haemorrhage) 1. Vascular spasm (vasoconstriction) 2. Platelet plug formation 3. Blood clotting (coagulation - fibre mesh)
Habituation The senses: Touch, Smell, Hearing & Taste; becoming conditioned to a sensation. Recognizing it no-longer needs to respond to the stimulus (Sight does not habituate)
Hemoglobin Protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to the body from the lungs, and Co2 from the body to the lungs
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