Brideshead Prologue

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"All this had been planned and planted a century and a half ago so that, at about this date, it might have been seen in its maturity" Lament for loss
"couched among the lime trees like a hind in the braken" Personifcation and unity with nature and house
Hooper - "Very ornate, I'd call it. And a queer thing, there's a sort of R.C Church attached...I felt very awkward. More in your line than mine" No interest in in religion or beauty as Charles sees it. Foreshadows Charles' conversion to Catholicism
Hooper - "Theres a frightful great fountain, too, in front of the steps, all rocks and sort of carved animals. You never saw such a thing." Hooper is not drawn in my the magic of Brideshead
"I had been there before; I knew all about it." Nostalgia and return in the narrative voice
"Here at the age of thirty-nine I began to be old" Lament for loss. Golden Age of youth has passed
"Here my last love died" Charles is bitter. Foreshadowing of decline in the novel
"It was as though someone had switched off the immense silence followed" Charles whole world was based at Brideshead
"full of a multitude of sweet and natural and long forgotten sounds" Past Golden Age
"A conjuror's name of such ancient power, that, at its mere sound, the phantoms of those haunted late years began to take flight" Brideshead is the ghost of Arcadia. Memories and nostalgia
"The rain had ceased but the clowds hung low and heavy overhead" Pathetic Fallacy
"the rattle and chatter and whistling and catcalls, the zoo-noises of the battalion" Animalistic and uncivilised noises of modern world. Foreign invasion on the landscape
"an exquisite manmade landscape" Harmony between man and nature and aethetics
"A sequestered place, enclosed and embraced in a single, winding valley." Sanctuary, embraced by nature
"still unravished" Suggests that it will be ravished
"It was named the Bride" Connotations of virginity and purity
"the oak grey and bare, the beech faintly dusted with green by the breaking buds" A shadow of former beauty
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