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Keywords & Terms that you will want to know for the certification.

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3 Main Goals of Security Prevention, Detection, Recovery
This is the means for preventing users from gaining unauthorized access Prevention
This is the way the user is discovered attempting to access unauthorized data or after information has been lost. Detection
This is the process in which vital data is retrieved from a crashed system, storage devices or physical resources. Recovery
This is a concept that indicates exposure to the chance of damage or loss. Also signifies the likelihood of a hazard or dangerous threat occurring. Risk
This is any event or action that could potentially cause damage to an asset. Threat
Types of threats include... Unintentional/Unauthorized Access, Interruption of Services, Interruption of Access, Damage to Facilities
This is any condition that leaves the system open to harm. (Weakness in the network) Vulnerability
Types of vulnerabilities include... Improperly configured or installed hardware/software, Un-tested software/firmware patches, Bugs in software/OS, Misuse of software/communication protocols, Poorly designed networks, Poor physical security, Insecure passwords, Design flaws in software/OS, Unchecked user input
This occurs when an attacker accesses a computer system without authorization. Intrusion
3 types of intrusions are... Physical, Host-based, Network-based
This is a technique used to exploit a vulnerability in an application or physical computer system. Attack
Types of attacks include... Physical security, Social engineering, Software based, Web-application based, Network-based
These are countermeasures you need to put in place to avoid, mitigate and counteract security risks due to threats or attacks. Controls
Types of controls include... Prevention control, Detection control, Correction control
This security management process consists of detecting problems and determining how best to protect the system. Identification
This security management process consists of installing control mechanisms to prevent problems in the system. Implementation
This security management process consists of detecting and solving any security issues after security controls have been implemented. Monitoring
The CIA Triad consists of... Confidentiality, Integrity, Availablility
This is the principle of keeping info and communication private and protecting it from unauthorized people. Confidentiality
This is the principle of keeping an organization's information accurate, free of errors, and without unauthorized modifications. Integrity
This is ensuring systems operate continuously and authorized persons can access the data they need. Availability
The goal of ensuring the party that sent a transmission or created the data remain associated with that data and cannot deny sending or creating that data is known as? Non-Repudiation
The method that ensures that the entity requesting access to resources by using a certain set of credentials is the owner of the credentials is known as? Identification
The method of validating a particular entity or individual's unique credentials is known as? Authentication
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