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Who was Edward VI's first regent Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset
What were the 4 main problems of somerset's government Factional rivalry between seymour and his brother Expensive wars in scotland Western Rebellion ketts rebellion
What were the objectives of the book of common prayer To make all church services uniform, and to translate services into english
What was the first major attack on traditional religion during edward's reign On ash wednesday, bishop ridley denounced images of saints and the use of holy water, causing iconoclasm. the government then supported this with injunctions
What further attack on religion came on december 1547 The dissolution of chantries and other religious guilds
Why was the book of common prayer 1549 thought as moderate It had many of the same catholic services, just in english rather than latin, and many catholic elements stayed in
why the book of common prayer 1549 caused religious greivances the language was changed from latin into english, and the language around communiton was changed to one of thanksgiving, in a break with catholic tradition
When was the western rebellion Edward VI's reign, 1549
What were the main causes of the Western (or prayerbook) rebellion Rejection of the prayerbook, they wanted reversal of religious legislation. also, distrust between peasants and landowners, causing class antagonism . Sheep tax also caused economic problems for the rebels
When was Kett's rebellion Edwards reign, 1549
What were the main causes of Kett's rebellion Hatred of local government officials, abuse my landowners of the foldcourse system, and not fulfilling on promises of reform by somerset
How did somerset try to deal with the western rebellion he appointed lord russell to deal with the rising, but he couldn't tackle it head on. until he fought and defeated them at clyst st mary on 4th august
How was kett's rebellion dealt with The earl of southhampton used his army to disperse the rebel camp, however he was defeated by the rebels at norwich at the 1st august, and was brutally supressed 25th august
What caused somerset's fall from the regency his dictatorial manner was unpopular with the rest of the government, and some had disapproved at his from the start
Who was edward's second regent northumberland
why was northumberland disliked by traditional historians He attempted to change the sucsession
How did northumberland stabilize the english economy Ended wars in england and scotland, was paid for the return of calais to the french, and by melting down church plate
What caused the "flood tide of radicalism" northumberland's growing protestantism, and pressure from senior clergy
why was the 1552 book of common prayer more controvercial than the previous it removed remaining catholic ceremonies, popish vestements and church music
who, according to the will of henry VIII, would suceed edward Mary I
which historian suggested that the idea for the devise was edwards? Dale Hoak
what would the devise have done? cemented the illigitimacy of the two sisters, and named lady jane grey as the sucsessor
why did the devise fail? it took northumberland three days after edwards death to name jane his sucsessor, in which time mary escaped and began building an army, possible because of the still catholic majorit.
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