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Key Features of Lorenz: 1. Date 2. Basic Procedure 3. Overall findings Key Features of Lorenz: 1. 1935 2. Took Duck eggs, split to 2 groups. One grew up with him, one with the mother. Put both Ducks together, with natural mother present. 3. Those he looked after had become imprinted on him. He found there was a 'critical period'.
Key Features of Harlow: 1. Date 2. Basic Procedure 3. Overall Findings Key Features of Harlow: 1. 1959 2. 8 baby monkeys placed in cage with 2 'mothers'. 1 had cloth, 1 had wire. 4 monkeys cloth had food, 4's wire had food. Studied amount of time monkey on each monkey. 3. All 8 spent most time with cloth mother no matter if they had food or not.
What is Classical Conditioning? Learning through association. Neutral stimulus is paired with unconditioned stimulus, takes on the features of this and becomes conditioned stimulus- produces conditioned response. IVAN PAVLOV.
What is Operant Conditioning? Learning through reinforcement. B.F SKINNER. Drive reduction theory- uncomfortable= creates drive to reduce discomfort. When (e.g.) an infant is fed, drive is reduced as dicomfort is eased. Positive reinforcement.
What is Social Learning Theory? Learning through others, imitating behaviours which are rewarded.
What does Monotropy mean? The idea that the one relationship that the infant has with his/her primary attachment figure is of special significance in emotional development.
What was the Strange Situation study? 1. Ainsworth et al. 1971, 1978 2. 8 episodes to highlight a baby's reaction, key feature is caregiver/ stranger leaving/entering 3. Ainsworth et al. combined data from studies- 106 middle- class babies observed. 3 main patterns of behaviour found (Secure, Insecure-avoidant, Insecure-resistant)
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