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A series of flash cards depicting works of art and artists from the Enlightenment Period.

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Antoine Watteau Pilgrimage to Cythera Oil on canvas, 1717 Rococo The Enlightenment
Joseph Wright A Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery Oil on canvas, 1766 Scientific Investigation The Enlightenment
Thomas Gainsborough Mr. and Mrs. Andrews Oil on canvas, 1750 Portraiture The Enlightenment
Angelica Kauffman Venus Induces Helen to Fall in Love with Paris Oil on canvas, 1790 Neoclassical The Enlightenment
Jacques-Louis David The Oath of Horatii Oil on canvas, 1784-85 Neoclassical The Enlightenment
Jean-Auguste-Dominque Ingres The Grand Odalisque Oil on canvas, 1814 Neoclassical The Enlightenment
John Fuseli The Nightmare Oil on canvas, 178 Romanticism The Enlightenment
Eugene Delacroix Liberty Leading the People: 28th July 1830 Oil on canvas, 1830 Romanticism The Enlightenment
Francisco Goya y Lucientes Third of May, 1808 Romanticism The Enlightenment
John Constable Wivenhoe Park, Essex Oil on canvas, 1816 Romanticism The Enlightenment
JMW Turner The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons Oil on canvas, 1834 – 1835 Romanticism The Enlightenment
John Fuseli The Shepherd's Dream Drawing, 1786 Romanticism The Enlightenment
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