19th Century Medicine Through Time

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Key developments in medicine in the 19th century

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What was Spontaneous Generation? The idea that decay caused germs to spontaneously appear
Who was Louis Pasteur? Investigated the beer industry - found bacteria caused the beer to go sour led to Pasteurisation Looked at silk worms - linked disease to bacteria Developed the Germ Theory
When was the Germ Theory Louis Pasteur first published his Germ Theory in 1861
Pasteur was interested in sheep. Discuss. e3db5f4f-1285-486a-93cc-0ba6a4f9a202.jpg (image/jpg) Injected 50 with weakened anthrax and left 50 alone. Injected all 100 with full strength Anthrax. The 50 vaccinated sheep died.
Pasteur also experimented on Chickens. Why? abfdb583-0038-4442-bf1a-d274bbd57e65.jpg (image/jpg) His lab assistant left out a dish of Chicken Cholera. Went on holiday. It was exposed to air, killed the live bacteria, when injected into chickens they were fine. Then gave them full strength Cholera. They were fine.
How did Robert Koch develop Louis Pasteur's Germ Theory? Stained bacteria Identifies bacteria causing TB and Cholera Grow cultures using potatoes and agar jelly Pioneered team investigations
What were the problems of surgery in 1800? Bleeding Pain Infection
Who was Joseph Lister? Carbolic Spray Carbolic Acid Sterilisation of tools Reducing the death rate
Why did people oppose the use of Carbolic Spray? Cracked hands Smelt strongly Got everywhere Lister was cold and aloof Kept changing his methods
What is aseptic surgery? Totally clean environment
When did James Simpson discover chloroform? 1847
What was used for anaesthetic before the 1840s? Laughing Gas (Humphrey Davy discovered this by accident) Ether used by Horace Wells to extract teeth WIlliam Morton found that Ether was a long lasting anaesthetic Robert Liston used ether to amputate a leg Opium
What decade did Joseph Lister develop his theories? 1870s
Why did people oppose chloroform? Surgeons liked to hear their patients scream Using it in childbirth was unnatural Hannah Greener died in 1848 after having a toenail removed Didn't know the dosage new and not fully understood
What was the Black Period of Surgery? While a patient was asleep doctors could go further into the body/have a rummage around. This led to infections increasing and the death rate increased
What was nursing like before 1800? nurses were often drunk they were untrained low paid long hours poor care hospitals filthy
Florence Nightingale went to the Crimea and created a clean hospital in Scutari Pioneered modern nursing - trained nurses, hygienic conditions, sets up nursing school, nursing books
Mary Seacole Jamaican Mum was a healer Set up the British Hotel in the Crimea provided medical care and rest Nursed on the battlefield treated both British and Russians
Why were blood transfusions unsuccessful before 1900? Identification of blood groups
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