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Common Noun A naming word for physical things
Abstract Noun A naming word for none physical things
Proper Noun A naming word for a specific example of a common noun
Verb A word that represents an action
Active Verb A word that represents a physical action
Static verbs A word that represents an action that is generally mental
Auxiliary Verb A verb used with another verb to create present or future tense
Modal Verb An auxiliary verb that give a sense of possibility or necessity
Adjective A describing word that modifies a noun
Adverb A describing word that modifies all types of words, excluding nouns
Superlative An adjective that displays the most extreme value of its quality
Comparative An adjective that relates one thing in some way to another
Definite Article "the."
Indefinite Article "a." or "an."
Pronoun The word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence
First Person Pronoun "I." or the first person plural: "we," "our" and "us"
Second Person Pronoun "you."
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