Obedience: Dispositional Explanations


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Who did research into the authoritarian personality? Adorno et al
Who did Adorno use as participants and how many? 2000 middle class, white americans
What scale did Adorno come up with? The F-Scale
what does the F-scale stand for? Fascism scale
What does the F-scale measure? The authoritarian personality
What did Adorno find in his studies? He found that authoritarian personalities were very conscious of their own and others' status, showing respect to higher and contempt to lower classes. There was also a strong correlation between Authoritarian personalities and prejudice.
What is an Authoritarian personality? A type of personality that is especially susceptible to obeying people in authority. they are submissive to higher status and dismissive to lower status.
What type of parenting do authoritarian personalities generally grow up with? Strict/ harsh parenting. Conditional love: the love an affection for their child depends on how they behave
What does strict parenting create in a child? resentment and hostility towards their parents
How do authoritarian personalities express their feelings. they displace onto others who are perceived to be weaker. 'scapegoating'
What is a limited explanation to Adorno's findings? It has a limited explanation because it cannot explain why a whole population can act in an obedient way to cause harm- wartime Germany
What is a limitation of the F-Scale? The F-scale has acquiescence bias which suggests that the participants were just ticking the boxes unconditionally.
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