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What helps people resist conformity and Obedience? Social support
What does social support mean? the presence of other people who are not conforming or obeying.
How long are the affects of social support? Not long lasting at all - if the dissenter going back to performing, so did the participant (asch)
What did the obedience rate drop to in Milgam's experiment when they were joined by a disobedient confederate? 10%
What is meant by locus of control? refers to the sense we each have about what directs events in our lives.
who proposed the idea of Locus of Control Julian Rotter
What types of Locus of control are there? Internal and external
What do people with an Internal Locus of Control believe? they believe that they are mostly responsible to what happens to them.
What do people with an external Locus of control believe? They believe that things that happen to them are beyond their control and down to luck or other forces.
Who is more likely to resist social influence? People with internal locus of control because they feel more responsibilities for their own actions.
What research support is there for Social support? Allen and Levine: found that conformity decreased when there was one dissenter in an asch type study. Even if he wore thick glasses and said his eyesight was bad
What research support is there for Obedience? Gamson et al: found higher levels of resistance. They were in groups and had to produce evidence that would be used to help an oil company run a smear campaign. 88% of participants rebelled
what research support is there for Locus of Control? Holland: repeated milgram's baseline study and measured whether participants were internals or externals. 37% of internals did not continue to highest shock and 23% externals did not continue
What is a limitation of Locus of control? Twenge et al: analysed data from American obedience studies of a 40 year period and showed that we are become more obedient but more external- this contradicts LOC
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