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Which century was smallpox the biggest killer in? 18th century
What countries did they already inoculate themselves in? Turkey and China
In what year were Sutton and Son the best inoculators? 1764
How many people did Sutton and Son inoculate? 14000
What were the problems with inoculation? Too strong of a dose cause full disease Inoculated people were carriers of the disease
When did Edward Jenner become a doctor? 1770s
What significant connection did Jenner make? Milkmaids who previously had cowpox never got smallpox.
In what year and on who did Jenner conduct his cowpox experiment on? James Phipps (8yrs) in 1796 was inoculated with cowpox by Sarah Nelms (a milkmaid).
What was the result of Jenner's cowpox experiment? After 6 weeks Jenner inoculated James Phipps with smallpox and no disease followed
How many times did Jenner carry out his experiment? 23 times
What did Jenner call his process of inoculating people to prevent disease? Vaccination
What did the Royal Society say in response to Jenner's findings? They rejected then so he published them himself as he was rich enough.
How did Jenner's findings become popular? Important people read his work
Who gave Jenner money to open a clinic? How much was it? The important people gave him £30,000 to open a clinic.
What year were his techniques used in America? 1803
In what year did the British Government make vaccination compulsory? 1852
In what year was smallpox officially gone from the world? 1980
What were the impacts of smallpox? 1/3 of the people who survived became blind 400,000 people were killed per year in Europe.
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