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Biology 108 - History of Life
Biology 108 - Archea
Biology 108 - Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes: Evolutionary Relationships
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Biology 108 - Kingdom Plantae: Non-Vascular Plants
Biology 108 - Protists
Biology 108 - Species Classification and Speciation
Biology 108 - Taxonomy and Systematics
Biology 108 - Sex and Reproduction
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what is polyploidy? when a new species originate when a mistake in cell division resulted in an extra set of chromosomes
what is allopolypoid? a biological barrier where a new species can only mate with others of its new species but not with its parent species even though they are similar
what is sympatric speciation? when speciation occurs in populations that life in the same area. this can happen through mutation, sexual selection and habitat differentiation.
What is a hybrid zone? when two species interact that dont have complete reproductive barriers meet in an area and mate so that at least some offspring have DNA from both ancestry
what is punctuated equilibria? static periods in species evolution with punctuations of sudden change
what is cladistics? when organism are divided into groups based on ancestry called clads
what is monophyletic? a clad that includes the ancestor and all decendants
what is paraphyletic? when a clad contains the ancestor but only some ancestors
what is polyphyletic? a clad that has distant species but not a common ancestor
tempora species? species that breed at different times of the year or times for the day