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From Village to Empire pg6-7 pg 6 -The story of Romulus and Remus was only a myth. -But we do know that around 753 BC, some villages on the 7 hills overlooking River Tiber.
-The people living there -> called Latins -The villages were eventually combined to form Rome. Turning Point 1: the defeat of the Etruscans. -The king of Rome in the 6th century was Tarquin the Proud. Tarquin the Proud -> came from a TRIBE called Etruscans.
- was a harsh and unpopular ruler - the Romans drove him out - they set up a Republic -It wasn't only Etruscans were troubling the Romans, the other neighbouring tribes who wanted to capture Romans' rich farming land were always making raids. -to start with,the Romans only fought to defeat themselves. -as they grew stronger and better at fighting, then they realised that attack was better than defence. -they began to defeat the neighbouring tribes and take over their lands.
-Some tribes were WIPED OUT and other SURRENDERED and became allies. -By 250 BC,the Romans ruled the WHOLE of Italy. Turning point 2: war with Carthage -Across the Mediterranean, just a few 100 miles away,lay a great North African city of Carthage. -The Carthaginians traded all over Mediterranean.
-the Romans were trying to expand their trade, but Carthaginians treated them as pirates and sank their ships. - Sicily (a fertile corn growing area) was also controlled by them. -they were faced with an enemy which had an excellent navy. -To win the war, they had to win the control of the sea. - they had no navy and little experience as sailors.
-they invented a drawbridge called Corvus which has an iron spike at the end. - It stood upright by the mast and it would sink into enemy's deck . And the Roman soldiers then charge across onto enemy's ship. -With the new navy, Rome managed to capture Sicily. -Peace doesn't last long. Hannibal, a Carthaginian general intended to defeat Rome. - He set out with an army of nearly 100000 troops and 36 elephants in 218 BC. - Alps: a natural barrier defensive for the Romans, the only way to climb was narrow mountain passes.
Corvus Hannibal with nearly 100,000 troops and 36 elephants
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