Reformation Causes

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When was The Handbook of the Christian Knight published, what did it say? 1503 practical advice for conducting a good christian life condemns the just going through the motions and false idolatry
When was In Praise of Folly Published, what did it say? 1511 satirical attack on the church: superstition, the worldliness of the clergy and lack of biblical continuity
when was Julius Exclusus published, what did it say? 1513 anonymous attack on Pope Julius very controversial condemns the 'warrior pope' says St peter will bar him from heaven
When were the Colloques published, what did they say? 1519 in the form of dialogues, attacks the failings of the church
what are the 7 sacraments? ordination, Extreme Unction Confirmation, Baptism, Marriage Confession
when were the 95 theses published? 1517
when did Luther first visit Rome? 1510
when did Cajetan contact Luther? 1518
when was the Leipzig debate? July 1519
when was the Bull Exsurge Domine Issued? June 1520
when did the Diet of Worms Take place 1521
When did Luther Write the Address to the Christian Nobility? August 1520
When was Luther Protected at Wartburg Castle? 1521-22
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