The Cuban Missile Crisis - Consequences

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Question Answer
What were the short-term consequences The American missiles in Turkey were removed. The Soviet Missiles were removed from Cuba. The Limited Test Ban Treaty helped to reduce the nuclear capabilities of the countries. The hotline was set up so that a lack of communication could never again cause an event like this.
How did the short-term consequences affected the leaders of the countries? Kennedy appeared to have stood up to the East and appeared a hero to the Western world, while Khrushchev appeared to have backed down and he lost face and appeared to betray his allies, although he did achieve all of his aims.
Give some of the long-term consequences of the crisis The Soviet Union tried to catch up with the USA and by 1965 the two superpowers were equal in terms of nuclear capabilities. France left NATO and developed its own weapons as it did not want to be forced into supporting the USA in the event of a nuclear war.