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Jesuits Catholic, followed jesuit doctrine, elaborate style of worship (louis' religion)
Jansenists Catholic, already condemed to fate-heaven/hell, plain decor/services
Huguenots Protestant, simple services (french not latin), 2-3 million in france
Quietists Catholics, spiritual/meditative, direct connection to god, Mme de Guyon/maintenon
Papacy Pope-Innocent XI, catholics see him as religious leader (not L.) based in Rome
Gallicanism Nobels/bishops-movement to create new cath church-L=leader, more authority than pope
Confessors Jesuits-devots, L. confessed- so could go to heaven. Montespan influenced him
How was L. linked to God? Sun king, le dieu donne, seen as Apollo (paintings,sculptures), believed he had miracle touch
1)Louis vs. Pope- Guards 1662- French ambassadors/corsican guards clash- pope apologises
2) Louis vs. Pope- condeming Jansenists Pope supports this- adds to L's power
3) Louis vs. Pope- L. declared the regale, 2 bishops appealed to P. 1673-P. backed bishops, L=angry. concerned L altering customs of church without consent
4) Louis vs. Pope-Gallican articles 1682-renouncing autority of rome in matters non spiritual + general councils were superior to pope in religious matters. P=angry.
5) Louis vs. Pope- P. refuses to consecrate any more Bishops 1686-7- P. cancels immunity of french embassy in rome from inspection of officals (less power/reduces them). prepared to excommunicate L.
6) Louis vs. Pope-Cologne election (french/holy.r.e border) L. lost his arch.b or Cologne (1688) when he died. Pope appoints new one- L. tried to bribe and threaten P. so he can appoint new one=fail
Anne of Austria Louis' mother, daughter of Philip III of Spain
Cardinal Mazarin France's chief minister when L.=child- advised Anne of Austria and fathered L.
Fronde Civil wars in France- 1648-53. L=child and trumatised
Absolutism Kingdom ruled by one rular (Louis was this)
Estates The different classes- 1st=Clergy. 2nd=Nobles. 3rd= Everyone else-peasants, workers
Sword nobility Born into their title-L. had to keep them pleased with privileges
Robe nobility earnt their title, worked for L.-Colbert, Le Tellier
Tithe 1/10 part of one's annual income as tax for the church
Dixieme temporary tax in order to fund wars
Nicolas Fouquet Minister. robe nobility, superintendent of fiances
Jean-Baptiste Colbert Robe nobility, Minister of fiances. advised L. in his final 3
Edict of Nantes Law allowing 2 religions in one country (catholics and protestants)
Gloire Glory of Louis and france through wealth, wars etc.
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