Louis XIV quarrels with Rome

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Round 1 Louis Wins Corsican and French guards clash Louis is full of confidence and demands an apology from the Pope. Pope consents to a monument- shows his humiliation
Round 2 Louis Wins 1664 The papacy support Louis for condemning the Jansenists (Pope signed a bull)
Round 3 Pope wins 1673- Louis declared the Regale 2 bishops appealed to the pope and he backed them- concerned Louis was altering the customs of the church without popes agreement
Round 4 Louis wins- set loose the Gallicans 1682 the Gallican articles renounced the authority of rome in matters of non-spiritual and general councils in france were superior . Pope FURIOUS
Round 5 Pope wins Innocent XI refused to consecrate any more French bishops Cancelled the immunity of the French embassy in Rome from inspection from officials. Prepared to excommunicate Louis
Round 6 Pope wins Cologne Election 1688 Pope appointed the imperial candidate to bishopric Cologne. Louis prepared for war 'purely defensive' seized Avignon. Gave his enemies a reason to unite against him
1689 Innocent dies reconciliation was helped by this death
what did Louis realise later in his reign? more to be gained from co-operation rather than conflict
actions of 1693 Gallican Articles withdraw- Louis needs pope more than pope needs louis
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