Propoganda and Indoctrination

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How many newspapers did the Eher printing company own? 2/3
when was the Editors Law issued, what did it entail? 4th October 1933, made editors personally responsible for everything published
what percentage owned radios by 1939? 70%
Two important Nazi films Triumph of Will (1935) Olympia (1938) both Leni Riefenstahl
when was the Book burning? 10th May 1933
when was the art burning, how much was burnt? 20th march 1939 1,000 watercolours nearly 4,000 oils
famous Nazi sculptor popular composers Breker Strauss Orff Wagner
when was the remilitarisation of the Rhineland? march 1936
when was Anschluss? march 1938
when was the Sudetenland taken over? October 1939
when was the invasion of Czechoslovakia? March 1939
'Labour Front'? improved facilities and benefits for the worker
'Beauty of Labour'? campaigned for and provided recreational facilities in the workplace
'Strength Through Joy'? subsidized entertainment in the form of cheap holidays and concerts
Goebbels quote about mass rallies 'from a little worm into a large dragon'
how many did the RMVP employ by 1937? 14,000
what agency controlled Newspapers/Journalists? DNB
Stat on the Racial Observer circulation 116,000 in 1932 1.2m in 1941
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