HPV Discovery

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Initial Correlation- Cervical Cancer Found In Married/widowed women and prostitutes
Initial Correlation- Cervical Cancer Absent In Nuns
Initial Correlation- STIs? No correlation found with a particular STI and cervical cancer
Initial Correlation- Why not HPV 11? No known correlation
HPV11 Fishing Tool HPV11 is part of suspected HPV family- so if a HPV strain is involved, it will have a similar genome
DNA Fishing Done By Southern Blotting
Low Stringency Washing to remove probes done in conditions that allow poorly matched probes to remain bound
High stringency Washing done in conditions that only allow perfectly matched probes to remain bound
Comparing Low and High Stringency A member of the HPV family would bind with HPV11 at low stringency, but not at high
HPV11 Fishing Results Weak binding even at low stringency- not HPV11 but of the HPV11 family
How was HPV16 found? A genomic library- used a nitrocellulose filter to find colonies with HPV DNA to use as a probe
Use of Found HPV as a probe Isolated HPV DNA from samples made into a plasmid for probing
Repeat of Southern Blotting Even under very high stringency, very clear binding- then comapred against all samples, all contained new HPV strain
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