Radical Reformation

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early persecution of anabaptists? the Donatists in the 4th century, since then re baptism is considered one of the most sacrilegious acts possible
When did the swiss brethren officially break with Zwingli? December 1523, led by Conrad Grebel sparked after Zwingli concedes to the council not to hold an evangelical communion on xmas day
What were the Zurich disputations? Debates between the council and the zwinglians, in October 1523, the radicals wanted iconoclasm and the banning of mass immediately, but Zwingli was prepared to accept more gradual change
When was the death sentence introduced for anabaptists in zurich? 1526
Example of off putting anabaptist practices? groups from Zollikon march through the streets of Zurich shouting about an apocolypse
example of early radicals who inspired some radical groups? Joachim of Fiore in the 1200s his tripartite scheme
Who/when was the sermon before the princes preached? Thomas Munzter, july 1524
example of a successful radical group? 1572, Mennonites were granted toleration in Holland
What does anabaptism mean? rebaptism NOT adult baptism
what were the beliefs of Muntzer? Bible+a 'paper pope' iconoclasm believed there would be a second coming
when did Muntzer take leadership of the peasants war? 1524
When where did Muntzer die? Battle of Frankenhausen, 1525
when did Zurich break with Rome? 1525
when was the first war of Kappel? 1529 june
when was the second war of kappel? october 1531
when was the Marburg Colloquy? What was it? June 1529 Luther and Zwingli try to resolve their argument about eucharist
When did the Swiss Brethren first argue for anabaptism? 1523
When were the Swiss Brethren imprisoned/tortured? 1525
when did conrad grebel die? 1526, prison
when did Felix Mantz die? 1526, drowning
When were the schleitheim articles published? what did they say? 20-24th august 1527 rejection of secular authority
when was the martyrs synod? 1527 20-24th august representatives from different radical groups try to agree on central anabaptist theology
When did Hubmaier die? 1528, burnt at the stake
When did Jan Beukels take over Munster/ April 1534 after the death of Jan Matthijs at the hands of the bishop of munster
when did the Prot/cath alliance crush the Melchiorites at Munster? June 1535, the whole city was slaughtered
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