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Number of rebels in Western? 7000
Number of retinues/mercenaries used by Russell to suppress Western? 8600
Number of rebels killed in Kett's? Around 3000
What the rebels called the new Book of Common Prayer: "A Christmas Game"
Why were Norfolk and Devon the two areas of the country with the most serious rebellions? Because Somerset refused to let Norfolk out of the tower to help with regional suppression, and Somerset had killed the entire Pole family in the Exeter Conspiracy (Devon) so there was no noble family there to help.
Main leaders in the Pilgrimage of Grace? Aske, Darcy, Hussey
Main leaders in Kett's? Robert Kett
Unpopular landowner that triggered Kett's rebellion? John Flowerdew & his enclosure and consent of the closure of Wymondham Abbey.
Leaders in the Western Uprising? Arundell
Number of rebels in Kett's 16,000 camped at Mousehold Heath
Who suppressed Kett's Marquis of Northampton attempted and then Warwick succeeded
Who suppressed the Western Uprising? Lord John Russell
Main grievances for Kett's Enclosure, unemployment, rising food prices
Main grievances for Western Sheep tax, dislike of New Prayer Book and the Protestant liturgy (services).
Church commissioner killed in Cornwall (part of Western Uprising) William Body, killed in Helston.
Other places of smaller rebellions? Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire
Battle that ultimately suppressed Kett's Dussindale
Foreign mercenaries used to suppress Kett's & Western, which country? Also what problem did this create for Edward? Wales, Spain, Germany, Italy Created debt.
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