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Feb 4th - 11th 1945 Yalta conference Meeting between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin to decide what would happen at the end of the war, topics in discussion were :- Partitioning of Germany Fate of Poland The United states German Reparations
May 8th 1945 V E Day Victory in Europe as Germany surrenders to the Russian army
July 17th - August 2nd 1945 Potsdam conference Germany, Berlin and Austria were all split into four Korea divided into Soviet and American zones
August 6th - 1945 Hiroshima The US dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima
August 8th - 1945 Nagasaki US dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki
August 14th - 1945 V J Day Japanese surrender bringing WWII to an end
March 5th - 1946 Churchills Iron Curtain Speech Chuchill delivers his 'Sinews of Peace' speech, containign the famous phrase " iron curtain has descended on Europe"
March 12th - 1947 Truman doctrine President Truman promised to help any country facing a comminist takeover
June 5th - 1947 Marshall Plan A plan to send aid to any European country. The plan was rejected by Stalin and any European Bloc country accepting aid was reprimanded severely. Aid was only given to Western countries
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