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When did Shi Huangdi rule China? From 221 BC to 210 BC
What were the reasons for Qin's rise to power? Its geographical location, ability to attract outstanding people from other states, for its use of the new iron sword and the military powers of Qin.
What did Shi Huangdi mean? Shi means 'first'. Huangdi means 'sovereign emperor'.
Why did he include the word 'sovereign' in his title? To show that all people recognized him as the supreme ruler of the empire
Primogeniture A practice in which the eldest son inherited all the land and status of his noble father
Why did Shi Huangdi not appoint his sons as administrators for the land he conquered? He was afraid his sons would fight each other after he died like the sons of the king of Zhou's had
Code of Qin New legal system in which people were rewarded for reporting crimes and anyone who criticized the emperor or his government would be punished with either hard labour, mutilation or execution
Why did Shi Huangdi need help governing his empire? It was too big for him
How was tax payed in Ancient China? In a share of the crop grown on the land
Why were nobles forced to divide their lands among all their heirs? To guarantee that, over time, their land would diminish in size and without large land the nobles could not raise enough money to create independent armies and without armies they could not overthrow Shi Huangdi
What did Shi Huangdi do so that everyone in Ancient China could understand each other? He standardized the number of written characters to make one written language that everyone could understand
Who did the Code of Qin apply to? Everyone in the empire
What did Shi Huangdi do to punish the scholars that were criticizing him and his harsh laws? He ordered all the books that criticized his government or books about useful subjects, to be burnt and buried alive 460 scholars who refused to follow his orders
How did Shi Huangdi construct the Great Wall of China? Shi Huangdi ordered all the smaller walls that were built to defend against foreign tribes to be joined together, strengthened and extended ,with the high and width increased, to make one long wall. He ordered towers to be constructed at regular intervals to improve its defences.
How long is the Great Wall of China? more than 5760 km long
What happened during the construction of the Great Wall of China? More than a quarter people out of those that were forced to build the wall died during the construction and most were buried inside the wall, making it one of the biggest graveyards in human history
How long did Sima Qian take to complete his 'History of Ancient China' 20 years
What did Shi Huangdi do in hope to protect his spirit in the afterlife? By housing his body in a magnificent tomb
When was Shi Huangdi's burial tomb constructed? Before his death in 210 BC
What are the soldiers in Shi Huangdi's tomb doing? Some are9 standing beside chariots while others are carrying weapons
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