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what force is needed to get a job done? 'effort'
what is a load the force that a lever is used to overcome
what is a fulcrum the point about which a lever points
lever simple machine consisting of a rigid rod that pivots about a point
first class lever lever with effort and loads at each end and fulcrum in the centre
mechanical advantage ratio of a load force to the effort force used by a machine
what do machines do they make tasks easier
which tasks do machines make easier changing the size of thing, making things speed up, changing the direction of a force.
how does a machine help us lift a car with a jack, it lifts up the car.
what is a speed multiplier machine that requires a small movement of an effort to produce a large movement of a load.
what is a second class lever lever with the flucrum located at one end the effort
how does a machine change the direction of a force you pull the cable down and a pulley changes the direction
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