Salt March to 2nd Round Table Conference

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Why did the 3rd Round Table Conference collapse? No-one important turned up
What was Churchill's view of India? Imperialist view - Jewel of the crown
Who wasn't there at the 1st Conference? Gandhi and Congress
How was the G-I pact broken? Gandhi was arrested upon returning to India after 2nd Conference
G-I pact: Irwin's obligations? -Inquiry into police brutality -Political prisoners released -Restrictions lifted -Peaceful picketing allowed -All changes benefit India
Who was the Viceroy in 1930? Irwin
The Gandhi-Irwin pact was when? 5th March 1931
What had to end due to the G-I Pact? Civil Disobediance
What was the new aim from Congress during and after the Salt March? Purna Swaraj
How many Indians were arrested during the Salt March? 20,000
What year was the Salt March? 1930
What does Ahimsa mean? Use of non violence to shame the attacker
When was the first Round Table Conference? 12th Nov 1930
Why were the two points that were agreed in the 1st Conference worthless? Because the Majorities were not there
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