Post War tensions

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When was the long telegram received? February 1946
What was the Long Telegram? A secret report from the US ambassador, Kennan, in Moscow to President Truman
What three things did the Long telegram say? 1)The USSR saw capitalism as a threat that communism had to destroy 2) The USSR was building its military power 3) Peace between a communist USSR and capitalist USA would never be possible
When was the Novikov telegram received? September 1946
What was the Novikov telegram? A report from Novikov, the Soviet ambassador to the USA
What did the Novikov telegram say? 1) The USA wanted world domination and was building its military strength 2) The USSR was the only country that could fight the USA 3) The USA was preparing its people for was with the USSR
what year did the USSR test an atomic bomb? 1949
When did the USA develop the more powerful Hydrogen bomb? 1952
When did the USSR develop a H-bomb? 1953
Suggest two reasons why the grand alliance started to fall apart. Opposite political ideologies created strong tensions and with no common enemy, the superpowers had no reasons to fight together
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