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what is insoluble? insoluble is when a substance cannot is dissolve
what is soluble? Soluble is a substance that can dissolve
What is gravity separation? Gravity separation is when heavier substance from a suspension sink into the bottom of the container
What is sieving? sieving is a barrier with holes in it that allows small solid particles to get through but large particles can not
What is Decantation? Decantation is a type of gravity suspension that lets suspension of solid and liquid separate nautrally
What is filtration? Is a widely use method of separating solid from gases and solid from liquid and liquid from gases
What is a mixture A mixture is a substance made from 2 or more pure substance or pure chemicals that have been steered together
What is solution? A solution is when you steered sugar into water that makes a soultion
What are suspension? Suspension are when one substance does not dissolve in another
What is Collides? A collide is a mixture made of particles smaller than those found in s suspension but bigger than those of a solute solution
What is concentration? Concentration is a measure of the amounts of solute dissolved in a known amount of solvent
what is solutes? A solute will dissolve in some solvent but not others
What are solvents? Particular solvents will dissolve some substance but not others for example water will dissolve detergent but not oil
What are magnetic separation? Magnetic separation allows iron and steel to be removed from piles of non- magnetic materials
What is centrifuging? centrifuge is used to separate substance from laboratory
What is Electrostatic separation? Electrostatic separation involves giving particles an electric charge and then passing them between electrically
What is sediment? Sediment is a material just as a silt and sand that doesn't dissolve
What is Saturated? Saturated means not able to hold anymore water vapour
What are states? States are solid, liquid and gas and other states are called plasma
What is concentrated? There is a lot of solute in the solvent
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