Indo/Pak - Sino-Indian War

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Question Answer
When was the Sino/Indian War? October 1962
When was the Tibetan uprising? 1959
What two things happened after the Tibetan uprising? Dalai Lama fled to India. Sino/Indian relations deteriorate
Which two lines were disputed between India and China? Johnson and McMahon
What had India and China signed together? Five Principles of Co-existence
What was India's defence policy which annoyed China? And when did it start? The 'Forward Policy' which began in 1961
What was India's Forward Policy? India sent patrols into disputed areas and established outputs north of the McMahon line
How did the war fair on both fronts? India well defeated by the Chinese
How did Pakistan assist China? They handed over part of Kashmir to them
Who did India approach for assistance? The US
Was reach out to the US for assistance a break of non-alignment? No, as it was no strings attached
What was the result of the war? Chinese victory. Gained territory they wanted