Aeneid 2.1-56

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Vocabulary for Study Week 21

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conticesco become silent
torus couch
infandus unspeakable
opes resources, wealth, power
eruo overthrow, destroy
fando with saying/telling
durus harsh
tempero refrain
suado urge
sidus star
casus misfortune
supremus last
horreo shudder
luctus grief
refugio recoil
cognosco learn
frango break
labor slip by
instar the size of
ars skill
seco cut
intexo weave
abies fir
costa rib, side
fama rumour
vagor go about
sortior select
furtim secretly
includo shut up/in
caecus secret, dark
compleo fill
conspectus sight, view
tantum only
sinus bay
statio anchorage
fidus trustworthy
carina ship
proveho transport
cando hide
reor think, suppose
peto make for
solvo loosen
pando throw open
iuvo please
tendo pitch tents
classis fleet
certo fight
manus company
soleo am accustomed
stupeo be amazed at
innuptus unmarried
exitialis fatal
moles mass
miror wonder at
arx citadel
sive ... sive/seu ... seu whether ... or
dolus deceit, trickery
fero propose
sententia opinion
pelagus sea
insidiae plot, ambush, snare
praecipito throw headlong
subicio place underneath
uro burn
terebro bore a hole
cavus hollow
latebra hiding place
scindo split, divide
studium faction
contrarius opposing
vulgus throng
comitor accompany
caterva crowd
procul from a distance
aveho carry away
ullus any
careo be without
lignum wood
occulto hide, conceal
machina contraption
inspicio spy on
desuper down from above
lateo lurk
error deception
in against, to threaten
aliquis some other
fatus spoken
validus mighty
latus side, flank
ferus beast
compages framework
tremo quiver, vibrate
recutio strike
insono resound
gemitus groaning
laevus unfavourable
impello push, drive
foedo defile
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