Grand Alliance Confrences

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What year was the Tehran conference? 1943
What did Stalin want in the Tehran conference? The Allies to attack Germany in Europe to take pressure of the USSR
What did Churchill want in the Tehran conference? The Allies to attack in the Balkans
What did Churchill and Stalin disagree about in the Tehran conference? The attack in the Balkans. Stalin wanted the USSR to have influence in Eastern Europe and USA and Britain in the West
When was the Yalta conference? 1945
What was agreed in the Yalta conference? The USSR would help defeat Japan, that the allies would all work for democracy in Europe and the UN would be set up to promote peace
When was the Potsdam conference? 1945
What was the main aim of the Potsdam conference? To decide what to do with German; prosecute Nazis as war criminals, reduce the size of Germany and divide Germany up and reparations had to be taken from each 'zone'
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